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When your walk-in closet is completely full of cornet and trumpet cases, it’s probably time to sell something. Sometimes I end up with multiple examples of the same cornet, or my collecting interests simply change.

TERMS: All items sold as-is, and all sales are final.  Payment by PayPal only, and shipping/insurance is additional.  I reserve the right to not ship to some foreign countries, and if I do, I will accurately complete out customs forms — please do not ask me to reduce values, or indicate as “gift.”

In many instances, the horn has been repaired or restored completely or to some degree.  If interested, I can email more photos. “Sale Pending” means I am awaiting a buyer’s payment and the sale is not yet final. Sometimes these fall through, so let me know if you are interested in one of those instruments, and if that happens, you will have the next opportunity. “Outfit” means case is included, usually original or correct, plus some or all accessories. CONTACT ME


POCKET CORNETS & TRUMPETS (email for photos and more information)

D. Calicchio Pocket Trumpet #2967. Silver plated, original factory leather gig bag. Very rare professional trumpet. Around 1982.   SOLD

Gautrot Pocket Cornet, marked Aine & Co. for Claxton, Toronto. Restored, including valves, raw brass, original Bb shank and mpc. 1880s-90s. No case. (one of the pockets photographed for my book!)  SOLD

Alexander Pocket Cornet (1960s), complete outfit in neat case. Nice original. (one of the pockets photographed for my book!)    SOLD

AMATI Pocket Cornet (1960s), complete outfit in nice original case -- excellent original condition. (one of the pockets photographed for my book!)   SOLD

Imperial Creations "Tiny Pocket Trumpet" -- made in Taiwan, early 70's.   Ads featured endorsement by Bobby Hackett.   One of the trumpets that kindled the pocket trumpet craze. Lacquered, good condition, original vinyl gig bag.   (one of the pockets photographed for my book!)  SOLD

Benge Pocket Trumpet #43231. Los Angeles, restored, new lacquer.   Valves could benefit from a visit to your tech. Nice original hard case.  SOLD

Carol Pocket Trumpet.   Rose brass bell, lacquered, original hard case. Played for review purposes only, excellent.    SOLD

Miraphone Pocket Cornet, unrestored, raw brass, no case. 1960s?    SOLD  



Missenharter, N.Y. Bb cornet  #6058.   Silver plated, fancy engraving and decorative ferrules.   Repairs by Rich Ita.   Original A shank shortened to play in Bb. Missenharter mpc. No case. Needs valve overhaul.   $350.00

F.E. Olds “THE OLDS” (“Standard” wrap), # 2665 (mid-1930s).  Rare original silver plate, with decorative engraving on bell. Ready to play, some wear-through to brass. Takes Olds large shank mpc.  No case, no mpc. (more photos upon request)   SOLD

F.E. Olds “THE OLDS” (“Standard” wrap), # 4620.  Raw brass, has had some repair work, ready to play, or with some “finnesse” work, could be relacquered for full restoration.  Takes Olds large shank mpc. No case, no mpc. (more photos upon request)  SOLD

Conn Perfected Wonder #104641. Very good condition, original outfit, gone over in my shop.  SOLD

Conn New Wonder # 140359.   Model better known as Victor.   Complete outfit, gone over in my shop.   SOLD

Harry B. Jay Columbia €ť Cornet-Trumpet #2528. Silver plate, gone over in my shop.   Nearly complete outfit, but cornet mouthpipe only. Model played by Louis Armstong in the 1920s.   Very nice conditin, but valves a bit leaky.   SOLD

Hall & Quinby Rotary Bb Cornet.   Nickel Silver, in coffin case.   Original A shank and suitable Bb shank, with mpc. Gone over in my ship and ready to play.  1875c Hall & Quinby (Boston) Bb/A Rotary     Hall & Quinby was among the most respected makers in Boston.   Perfect for Civil War era brass bands. High Pitch.     SOLD

Geoorge McFadden, Syracuse, NY.   #1215.   Very early, 1870s.   Silver plated, nice engraving with awards, etc.   Leaky valves. No case.  SOLD  

Geoorge McFadden, Syracuse, NY.   #1257.   Very early, 1870s.   Nickel plated brass, in very nice original walnut coffin case, with shank and McFadden mpc.    SOLD  

Martin Troubador Trumpet, #100045. Gold plated "peashooter" design, original case, nice full-length engraving.   Mouthpipe replaced in my shop and spot plated to match. Martin mpc and accessories.    SOLD

Meredith "Open Tone" Cornet #3859. Rare, cool "compensating" design, very good condition. Silver plated. Gone over in my shop.   First stage of mouthpipe a reproduction, matching original design.   Meredith mpc (shank wear) included, but no case.   SOLD

F.E. Olds "Mendez" Trumpet #339402.    Top-of-the-line for Olds. Really nice original outfit including pro case. Original lacquer in great shape except for area at top of tuning slide and short portion of leadpipe.   The rest is so nice, I felt best to leave as-is.   Dual trigger mechanisms complete and working.   SOLD

King "Master" Cornet 161476.   Gold Plated, outfit.   Gone over in my shop, repairs carefully gold plated to match.   Slimline case, very cool.     SOLD

York "Trench" Bugle, World War One.   Brass, good condition.    SOLD

J.W. York "Wizard" Cornet #10061.   Rare, unique "continuous conical bore" design by Couturier. Outfit, excellent condition, with neat eagle engraving.   Terrific matte/burnished silver plating. One finger button a carefully machined matching reproduction.  SOLD

Getzen Eterna "Copperna" Cornet   G33315. Custom horn. Fairly new cornet, mated to a new gold brass mouthpipe, and "new old stock" gold brass Eterna bell (old style valve stamping), then copper plated and clear lacquered (done by Metzler Brass Repair).   Regular style waterkeys (same part Getzen now uses). One very cool looking Eterna cornet!     SOLD

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