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When your walk-in closet is completely full of cornet and trumpet cases, it’s probably time to sell something. Sometimes I end up with multiple examples of the same cornet, or my collecting interests simply change.

TERMS: All items sold as-is, and all sales are final.  Payment by PayPal only, and shipping/insurance is additional.  I reserve the right to not ship to some foreign countries, and if I do, I will accurately complete out customs forms — please do not ask me to reduce values, or indicate as “gift.”

In many instances, the horn has been repaired or restored completely or to some degree.  If interested, I can email more photos. “Sale Pending” means I am awaiting a buyer’s payment and the sale is not yet final. Sometimes these fall through, so let me know if you are interested in one of those instruments, and if that happens, you will have the next opportunity. “Outfit” means case is included, usually original or correct, plus some or all accessories. CONTACT ME


Conn Perfected Wonder with key change linkage

This is a cool cornet for a collector, since it has the rare (and working) automatic key change linkage.  Pull the second of two tuning slides, and a linkage extends all three valve slides the correct amount to maintain intonation as you change from Bb to A. Cleaned, polished, all slides free, dings/dents removed. Valves seal “average” -- playable but not great.  Some wear to silver plate.  No accessories, no case.  PICTURES $275.00


F.E. Olds “Mendez” Cornet

This is the rare trumpet-length cornet version of the famous Mendez trumpet. Only a small fraction of the Mendez models were cornets -- this was Olds top-of-the-line model, and retailed at $355 in the mid-1950’s.  It has dual first and third slide spring triggers.  Comes with original case with key. Serial 185XXX dates it to 1956.  Original lacquer (about 50% with some pitting).  Chem cleaned, lubricated, dings removed, new corks and slide bumpers. Includes special lyre and mount unique to Mendez model. No mouthpiece Ready to play. PICTURES $795.00


Ueno “Cantabile” Pocket Trumpet

Just restored, this is a rare pocket trumpet from the 1960s, made in Japan, but imported to the US in small numbers by famed big band / studio trumpeter Mannie Klein after he discovered them in Tokyo around 1964.  Carefully repaired, and with new silver plating, it is totally ready to go.  No case, no mouthpiece. PICTURES     $895.00

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