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I am potentially interested in purchasing the following:

Vintage Pocket Cornets or Trumpets (but please, NOT if marked “BESSONS” -- note the third “S”).

Early C.G. Conn or Conn & Dupont Cornets (serial number less than 15,000) or any if gold plated

Early Getzen Eterna cornet (serial numbers betwee 800 and 899, with or without one letter before the number, or EC prefix numbers up to 999).

Meredith Open Tone Cornets and Trumpets (Marion, Ohio)

F.E. Olds Cornets (serial number less than 16,000) or any Olds with the hammered bell option

Echo Cornets

H.N. White King “Mini” Liberty (very small, around 8” long)

Any vintage cornet you believe is unusual!

Pre-WW2 original Instrument or Band Company Catalogs/Brochures

Vintage Photos showing cornet players, especially with pocket cornet.

Contact Me


Do you have a vintage cornet that you'd like to sell?

I receive quite a few emails from individuals who have a vintage cornet that they'd like to sell. And if there's one thing this website makes obvious, it's that I do buy cornets!
First, I need to know as much as possible about what you have, and pictures, emailed in .JPG format, really help a lot. However, it isn't a bad idea to write a
short initial email, to see if I have any possible interest before you go to any great trouble writing a detailed description or taking photographs.
Don't assume that if I already have that model that I won't be interested in yours. Many cornets had small variations over the years, and your example might be different in a way not instantly apparent.
If I am possibly interested in your cornet, then it helps to send more information about the condition and completeness of the outfit. In general, the cornet will be worth more if it has the original case and accessories.

Helpful information to furnish:
• Manufacturer's Name
• Model Name
• Serial Number
• Silver, Lacquered Brass, Gold, etc.
• Original Case? Accessories? Original mouthpiece?
• Condition (signs of previous repair, dents, plating wear, etc.)

Here's how we can proceed:

1) You are able to provide a very good description and excellent photos, via email. You are able to state a firm asking price, plus actual shipping. I will either accept or decline your offer. If I do accept, I will mail payment, and then expect you to ship the cornet promptly via U.S. Priority Mail. I will not proceed this way on a horn that I can't see pictures of, regardless of how complete your written description is, or if you promise to return my money if I'm not happy.

2) You are unable to determine an asking price and/or you are unable to provide photos of suitable quality. In this case, I proceed as follows —

A) I will give you an estimated range of what I might pay you for the instrument (such as $175 to $375) depending on the condition, etc.

B) I will then ask you to pack and ship the cornet to me, via U.S. Priority Mail, insured.

C) I will examine the cornet, then notify you with my offer (by email) within one day of receiving the cornet.

D) If you accept my offer, I will send payment immediately, either check or money order as you prefer.

E) If you decline my offer, I will return the cornet. I will pay the return postage, and include a check for the initial shipping to me. You will only be out the time it took you to pack and ship.

3) You might be surprised how many people email me with scant information, no photo, and then ask me TO MAKE AN OFFER. I can not make an offer under these circumstances.

You may have noticed by now — in number 1 above, I pay first, then get the horn, while in number 2, I expect the seller to send a horn I haven't paid for yet. It's true, in internet transactions, somebody is generally taking a chance. But it's no different than transactions in "real life" in that you size up who you're dealing with as best you can and make a decision to proceed or not. I can provide references from other collectors (which is usually more than a seller can provide to me), and will do so upon request .

I take a great deal of pride in conducting internet transactions professionally and promptly!



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